Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MySpace hoax victim’s kin seek justice

And I don't blame her.  Read the story if you don't already know it - the basics are this: a 13 year old girl named Megan committed suicide last year because of cyber-bullying.  Seems she had a falling out with her friend, and her friend's mother (who I'll call Eva) set up an account for a fictional 16-year-old boy named Josh, who pretended to like Megan, then turned on her and started the bullying.  She suicided within six weeks of meeting Josh.

Some thoughts:

Why isn't this negligent homicide?  If I ran a long con on someone in real life and they died because of it, I'd be criminally liable, wouldn't I?  Why haven't the local authorities followed that line of reasoning?

Megan's parents won't ID the family because of the daughter - good thing, protecting minors like that, but when that zaftig little snowflake turns 18, I'd be blasting the mom's name from the rooftops, taking our full page ads in the New York Times denouncing her and her actions.  She's despicable, she's evil, and worse, she's remorseless.  She deserves the same in return.  And if you know this repugnant creature, do yourself and us a favor - turn your back on her.  Pray for a painful and slow death then dance on her grave when it takes her.  I almost wish Satan and Hell existed - she deserves both.

Lastly, more on Eva's behavior - if you feel the need to get involved in your kid's social struggles, do us all a favor and don't.  Kid fights are kid fights, and you getting involved does more damage than not.

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has some police reports that ID the evil mother.

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MySpace hoax victim’s kin seek justice - TODAY: People - MSNBC.com

Friday, November 09, 2007

Creationists object to evolution exhibit

Might as well object to gravity and the fusion temperature of hydrogen.  This is another reason why religion is evil.

I love Dr. Leakey's smack down at the end.

Creationists object to evolution exhibit