Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pennsylvania takes on online auctions

Next time someone asks me why I don't like state licensing of businesses and trades, I'll point to this story.

The hero, one Mary Jo Pletz, was investigated by PA state officials for running an eBay store without a PA state auctioneers license.  The situation was summed up brilliantly by Barry Fallon, who was similarly investigated by PA's bureaucrats:

It's like the buggy-whip manufacturer's deciding whether these newfangled automobile manufacturers can do it without a buggy-whip license.

It's wrong, plain and simple - in this age of easy, instant, and world-wide communications and commerce, PA foisting their licensing scheme on a global business makes no sense.

Remember, you voted for these people - call them and tell them what you think.

Pennsylvania takes on online auctions | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/30/2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Reckless Mortgage Lenders Do Not Deserve to Be Rescued Either

Great article, as is the predecessor article on why irresponsible borrowers don't deserve a bail-out.  And no, I don't want to hear that you're losing you home because of this.  As a responsible homeowner, mortgage holder, and taxpayer, I'm tired of bailing out folks who think they don't need to be responsible.

You bought more house than you can afford - had you done this with any other commodity and a credit card, you wouldn't have a snowball's chance in hell of a bailout.  Why should you get one because there's a house involved?

Reckless Mortgage Lenders Do Not Deserve to Be Rescued Either

Huckabee: ‘amend the Constitution’ to ‘God’s standards.’

If this man doesn't scare you, you're not listening.  Even if you're an evangelical Christian, you should be scared, because I can guarantee you one thing: you won't like what your evangelical Christian neighbors want to do with your Constitution.

Think Progress » Huckabee: ‘amend the Constitution’ to ‘God’s standards.’

Friday, January 04, 2008

Abusing Children in the Name of God

I'm a libertarian - forcing anyone to do anything is anathema to me.  Telling people how to raise their children is also beyond what I think a civilized society should do.  However, with this libertarian philosophy comes the responsibility to do things correctly and appropriately.  I do not steal, not because the law forbids it, but because it is wrong to do so.  I do not kill, not because the law forbids it, but because it is wrong to so.  I care for my loved ones, not because the law requires it, but because it correct to do so.  I do these things - no one else.  Me.

This is why it baffles me that there are people out there who love and care for their children, but who leave their fates to a phantom spirit with sadistic tendencies.  Faith is not, and has never been, enough to someone to provide for their family.  If it were, they would not have to work to provide for food and shelter and clothing.  Why do they think it is enough when their child sprouts tumors or bleeds incessantly?

People who believe that a mythical spirit in the sky will take care of their children's ills and sicknesses are delusional, suffering from a form of mental illness, and should be treated as such.  Would you let a mentally ill person care for your child?  As much as I hater government involvement and intrusion into the personal lives of American citizens, the greater evil is letting children be raised (or killed) by mentally ill parents.

On Faith: Guest Voices: Abusing Children in the Name of God

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Pat Robertson predicts violence, recession for 2008

Pat Robertson's predictions are meaningless drivel, and should be treated as such.  Let's take a look at some of Pat's work...

Pat and his personal god are predicting violence for 2008, when in fact the stage in Pakistan and Kenya is already well and truly set for violence, and there has already been violence in Kenya this year.  So, good for you Pat - you and your savior got one right.  You're doing as well as any fifth grader with a newspaper subscription.

As for recession, economists were calling this one in December, but let me tell you, I'm certainly glad the creator of the universe has taken the time to analyze the economic situation in America.

Let's take a look at Pat's previous predictions:

In 2004, Pat's god predicted a blow-out victory for Bush in that year's presidential election.  Bush won with 51% of the vote and a Supreme Court ruling.  Again.  Not a blow-out.

For 2006, Pat's personal god predicted massive hurricanes lashing the coast of America.  Three tropical storms was all the 2006 saw.  Your god is wrong again, Pat.

For 2007, Pat's savior predicted a nuclear terror attack on America, which never happened.  His explanation?

All I can think is that somehow the people of God prayed and God in his mercy spared us.

So did I miss it? Possibly. Or, on the other hand, did God avert it? Possibly. But whatever, it didn't happen, so I think we can all rejoice.

Convenient, isn't it.  You miss a prediction, and can thank the prayers of the "faithful" for bringing it about.  Instead of saying, "I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about", you chalk up your disappointment to the prayers of your listeners.  Maybe you could ask your 700 Club audience to pray for no recession this year as well?  I mean, if they could avert a nuclear attack with some mindless posturing and chanting, surely boosting the economy is a mere trifle?

So tell me, Pat: Where were those prayers on 9/11/01, when the "faithful" took out the World Trade Center?  Didn't you call that a punishment from your personal god for the sins of America?  Why did the prayers work this time, and not then?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: There is no god.  No supernatural creator of the universe.  No universal spirit with an unhealthy interest in a patch of land on the shores of the western Mediterranean.  No personal savior who can bypass the laws of physics and give you 70+ virgins if you blow yourself up in a crowded mall.  Anyone who tells you there is, anyone who spends a good deal of time trying to convince you there is, anyone who claims to be the personal spokesman for this ectoplasmic sadist is a con artist.

Con men like Robertson are after two things: your money, and power over you.  When you believe them, the terrorists win.

Pat Robertson predicts violence, recession for 2008 | |