Saturday, December 06, 2003

Now, I'm not Christian - I'm very areligious, very secular. But this story and the Federal judgement it details I am in complete agreement with, for a number of reasons. First, "diversity" as a concept in education and business bears little resemblance to what the word diversity really means. Second, I despise public schools. Third, public schools are straying farther and farther from providing a solid, well-rouded education to their charges and more and more into fulfilling their destiny of conditioning America's youth into brainless consumers. And lastly, anything that positively supports the First Amendment (which this judgement does) is a good thing - so many Constitutional amendments are ignored these days.

If you can't get past the Christian bend of the article, I urge you to grow up and learn to see past the surface. Try to ignore the training you recieved in public schools...

U.S. Newswire - Federal Judge Declares Mich. High School Violated Constitutional Rights of Christian Student During Homosexual Diversity Week

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