Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Everytime this woman opens her mouth, I thank my lucky stars I do not, nor have ever, lived in an area where she or her husband have wielded politcal, legislative, or executive power. Carefully avoiding the word "draft", she managed to say directly that there weren't enough U.S. soldiers on Iraqi or Afghani soil - of course, I think there are too many soliders on foreign soil, but what do I know? I was never married to a President!

To add insult to injury, she then says, "Off the record, they’ll tell you they don’t have enough and have never had enough." By saying it in an open forum, you've just put it on the record. But what do I know? I was never cuckolded by an intern!

She also wants to delay the return of sovereignity of Iraq to the Iraqi's for a few months to ascertain whether the government would be secular or religious. I love how she treats iraqi sovereignity over their own country like Ashcroft treats American civili liberties. Or how she ignores the fact that our own secular government has become a religious pulpit for Christian morality. But what do I know? I was never elected Senator in a state I had never lived in before!

Then she actually finds something to admire Saddam Hussein for - his stand on women's rights. Ignore the fact that his stance on general human rights would make Hitler proud - at least women in Iraq could go to school, hold jobs, and participate in government. She says giving the Islamic religion jurisdiction over civil law would be "a horrific mistake - and especially for it to happen on our watch." On our watch? Does this legislator have no sense of ethics? What a contemptible, over-inflated ego it takes to take ownership of the government of a separate country and it's views on civil liberties! According to Clinton, it's our job to continue the civil government of Iraq to support her human and women's rights positions. I thought it was her job to represent her constituency - did the people of Iraq vote her into office? If so, then she's in the right. If not, then's an self-righteous egoistic meddling busybody with no more sense than God gave gophers. But what do I know? I'm just a libertarian!

MSNBC - Clinton questions future of volunteer army

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