Thursday, May 27, 2004

OK, you wanted to know how far our government - the government we vote for, the government we ask for, the government we deserve - will go to preserve it's power base. Well here it is - a NY court is exercising power over the reproductive rights of two NY citizens.

Now, I'm not a fan of what the couple is doing and has done, but where does the State get it's power from? From the people who accept that power. This judge stepped over the line - her judgement is one sentence away from mandating sterilization for this couple. Why didn't go there? Because she calculated just how much she could get away with - she knew that a ruling of mandatory sterilization wouldn't fly nearly as well as a simple order to stop procreating, so she didn't mention it, despite the fact that sterilization would prevent just the situation she wants to prevent.

This isn't a ruling of justice, it's a political statement, and this judge should be removed from office and disbarred for making it.

Infoshop News - NY Family Court orders Riochester couple to stop having children

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