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And on the other side of the Republicrat fence (you do know Republicans and Democrats are just two factions of the same politcal party, right?), John Kerry thinks people who make over $200K a year are "super-rich".  I guess that includes congressmen and public officials, right?  Covenient number, since rank and file Congressmen make about $150K a year in salary (not counting benefits).  Majority and Minority leaders in both houses make a little more at $175K (how does being voted captain of the team warrant an extra $25K a year?), while the Speaker of the House make over $200K a year.

How much would he make as President?  Over $400K, plus free room and board, free security, free travel anywhere, with an extra $50K for expenses.  The VP gets a little over $200K a year.  Both are eligible for a $150K a year pension with an extra $150K for an office and staff for that office.

Like I said, $200K is a convenient number, and while it appears "super-rich" to people on welfare, it should strike people like Kerry and Edwards and simply being a pay raise for winning a popularity vote.

Of course, as members of government, neither Kerry not Edwards (nor Bush nor Cheney) need worry about public health care - they have a government benefits plan that covers them very well indeed, as well as a retirement program they donate into, just like I do at my place of business.  The difference here is that my company makes it's money by inventing, manufacturing, and selling things - Kerry's employer makes it's money by holding guns to people's heads and taking a third of what they earn.

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