Tuesday, October 25, 2005

New blog listing

Some format changes - I've added links to the stories I read and post here (thought that happened automagically - surprised me) and made the perma-links easier to find and click. I also split up the right side bar and added a new link to Melissa's Liberty Blog. She's as rabid a libertarian as I am, but uses cleaner language (that is, if you're offended by the words "fuck" and "shit" - if you're offended by the use of words like "socialism" and "collective", like I am, it's positively obscene).

I'm also trying to track down some editorials referenced in a recent letter I got from the Advocates for Self-Government. Two people, in three separate op-ed's, blame libertarianism for the damage Katrina did to New Orleans.

Close your mouth - took me a while to close mine, but it's better in the long run if you do.

Anyway, I want to find the complete editorials before commenting in depth. I also want to find contact info for the writers to publish here. Some quick thoughts on what I read:
  • Libertarians didn't build substandard levees
  • Libertarians didn't encourage people to live below sea level by providing cheap flood insurance
  • Libertarians didn't deny basic 1st and 2nd Amendment rights to reporters and victims in the area
  • Private organizations moved quicker and more efficiently to provide aid to victims, despite government efforts to stop them

Anyway, I'll have more once I find the complete op-eds in question.

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