Monday, March 05, 2007

Help us spot terrorists - Police - News - Manchester Evening News

Don't go to Manchester, England.  Or if you must, make sure you:

  • Tell everyone exactly where you're going at all times.
  • Try not to make car rental agents suspicious (no word on how not to do that)
  • Don't pay cash for anything, especially short-term rental on a room (or possible car rentals)

Remember folks, the citizens of Manchester have been told by their police chief that they don't have to be sure, just suspicious.  No word on whether being paranoid, xenophobic, or simply racist count as well.

And for those of you in U.S. wondering what the big deal is, here it is: I've been assured on numerous occasions by an American friend who lived in England for many years that British policemen are rarely to never questioned as to their authority to ask you do anything.  The average British citizen walks the streets ignorant of their rights and emasculated in their power to resist unjust flexing of police muscle.  In other words, what Americans look at as simply a police force being silly and stupidly paranoid may come off in England as a stern warning, almost a command, to be vigilant.

For those of you in Manchester, I'm sorry - you can leave, if you'd like. 

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