Monday, April 02, 2007

IBM Gives Feds $45M in Translation Tech

OK, this is now officially out of hand - IBM is donating software and devices to troops in Iraq because one of their salesmen's sons was maimed while over there protecting American interests (read: Bush's lies).  Apparently, if you work for IBM and sacrifice your own blood, the company matches your donation with software.

According to one source, this donation will "accelerate the war effort", and some daft bitch in IBM's federal sales division wants other government vendors to consider "similar donations".

Well, how about non-government vendors then?  Can we persuade the Chris Craft company to send over a few hundred thousand yachts so our troops can evacuate the fucking area?  How about some publishing companies to air-drop a few hundred thousand translated copies of "The Fountainhead" (with a specially signed copy for President Bush)?

The fact that the government is checking to see if this is actually legal is actually funny - when, during this entire Iraq/al Qaeda/Guantanamo affair, has the government worried about being legal?  I'm surprised Gonzales hasn't rubber stamped it already, and wrapped in the 5th Amendment before delivering it to Bush.  They're not worried about the legality of accepting - they're worried that if they accept and the conflict drags on a lot longer, someone will start asking, "Hey, what about that translation stuff IBM gave us?".  Or maybe that question will be asked by the troops in a year when they're still waiting for the DoD to deliver the devices...

IBM wants to help the situation?  Stop helping government.  They can fuck our world up just fine without your donations.

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