Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Blind people say hybrid cars pose safety risk - Automotive -

Since I ride a motorcycle with loud pipes, I like this article - it supports my argument that loud pipes save lives, although the lives being saved in the article aren't the ones I was talking about.

There is one very disturbing passage in this article - when National Federation of the Blind President stated he'd like to see hybrids make a bit more noise so blind pedestrians can hear them, he received an email from an environmentalist.  The email suggested that NFB members should be the first to drown when seas levels rise due to global warming.

OK, here's the scoop - environmentalism isn't a science.  It isn't a philosophy.  It isn't even good sense anymore.  It's a fucking religion worshipped by whack jobs who can't see anything past the past 100 years of human history.  At least with normal religious nuts, we know where to find them every Sunday morning (or Wednesday evening, or Saturday, or five times daily).  If these are the types of people who we're saving the earth for, I'd rather let it die - maybe the next set of sentients on this planet will be better at weeding out the morons than we were.

Blind people say hybrid cars pose safety risk - Automotive -

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