Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Good bye, First Amendment...

Don't even think of exercising it if you want to be on a citizen's advisory councils for local Chicago parks.  Apparently, if you want to be part of the council, you'll need to submit to a criminal background check and provide references.  And any money you wind up raising for the new swing set may be used for other things.

Apparently, the park district's director of legislative and community affairs, Tim King, says it's just a "well-intentioned effort" to bring order to the system. 

Almost every evil deed done under the sun was well-intentioned, and the really insidious ones have that lawyerly tone to them that make your butt pucker.  You live there?  Tell King to take a long walk off Navy Pier.

Chicago Business News, Analysis & Articles | Got an opinion? Park District has rules | Crain's

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