Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Reason Number 27 Why I Don't Do Starbucks

They have a gift card personalization program - get a gift card with a personal message on it.  According to them, however, foreign phrases and political statements are off limits.

However, the problem is "Laissez Faire" appears to be the only foreign phrase political statement they won't print.  Seems they will print "People Not Profits" and "Si Se Puede".

For the record, "laissez faire" is French for "leave us alone", describing the classic liberal philosophy of open markets and limited government intervention.  "Si Se Puede" is Spanish for "Yes We Can", the slogan of the United Farm Workers and recently adopted, in English, by Barak Obama.

In other words, a company who is a great example of a capitalism success story won't print pro-Capitalism slogans on cards, just pro-Socialist ones.

And this is why I buy my coffee from Tully's.

Starbucks and 'Laissez Faire'

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