Thursday, January 15, 2004

I heard on KIRO-TV tonight that there is a law being pushed through by the state of Washington's Department of Agriculture that would keep downer cows (cows that are too sick to support themselves) from entering the food chain. It's a way to prevent BSE (mad cow disease) from entering the human population. While keeping the food supply healthy is a good idea, something made me think when I heard the story.

The state's beef and dairy farmers are fully behind this law. They all think it's a good idea to either test or incinerate downer cows. There's really no argument over this law. So what's the problem? Simple...

If the farmers and producers think this is a good idea, why do we need a law?

Simply put, the dairy and beef farmers have expressed their sense that they are in favor of the reforms that are being put forth. A law is not necessary - the industry is saying they agree, and can work out their own methods of compliance without getting the state involved. There is no reason to involve the state of Washington into this, and no reason for a law.

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