Tuesday, June 08, 2004

OK, I just got the wierdest mail from the Libertarian Party of Washington State (LPWS) - the party was invited by the student Republicans at the Univeristy of Washington in Seattle to participate in a vigil for Ronald Reagan, recently deceased. I've been asked to bring candles, flowers, pictures, and my favorite quotes or speeches. I'm to be there at 9:00pm on June 9.

Now, aside from the (questionable) good karma we get by being invited to a semi-official event by the student supporters of a major political party, why would I want to go to this?

Reagan was called "The Great Communicator" - I've no doubt it was because he was a trained and paid actor in his previous life.

Reagan ran up the federal deficit more than any other president before him and set the stage for Bush the Elder, Clinton, and Bush the Younger to follow in his footsteps.

He's creditted with ending a Cold War that was fizzling out on it's own.

He did not fulfill campaign promises to end welfare.

Maybe I'll go, and bring some of my best quotes - I can guarantee I won't be flattering. Hope I don't get attacked for attacking the (late) Great Communicator.

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