Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bond issues on the ballot

This election, in Washington (as I expect in most communities), there are a host a bond measures and tax increases for things like fire coverage, libraries, and other items.  The big ones for me this year is a fire department property tax increase and a library bond renewal measure.

Before you go ahead and vote yes for these (I like fire services, and love libraries), ask yourself: Is there a better way to pay for these services?  Property tax increases affect everyone, even if you don't own a home (if you rent, the owner will pass on the tax increase to you, his customer).  Bonds need to paid off sometime, and that requires more taxes as well.

As I said, I enjoy fire services and libraries, but I'll be voting no to each measure.  Simply put, I'd rather pay for the service directly than indirectly.  I'd have no problem contracting with a local fire department for service, or paying for the service after the fact if I was not contracted.  I'd also rather pay for my library card directly (I don't think $25-50 a year is exorbitant) than make everyone in my community pay for the library.

Vote no on these measures, and make people come up with alternate, more libertarian, funding measures.  Your neighbors will thank you when their taxes decrease.

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