Saturday, September 11, 2004

Hiding behind states' rights

Put aside the fact this is an 18 year old child, Christian, and conservative, and just look at the words here.

Then take into account the youth and culture this child has, and read it again.

Is there any excuse here?  I think not.

What I got from this essay was: state's rights are a farce, a strong federal government is necessary, and government should use that strength to enforce morality.  Of course, the idiocy of legislating morality, from Congress, the Constitution, or the bench, seems to slip past this boy.  He also ignores the fact that the federal government has grown stronger under his conservative Republican administrations, while simply paying lip service to the idea of decentralization of power.

This boy needs a dose of reality, and some real history lessons.

Hiding behind states' rights

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