Monday, March 07, 2005

Victims Sue Thailand, U.S., Accor Over Tsunami

OK, enough is fucking enough – suing because you didn’t get warning of a natural disaster?  Give me a fucking break!  And to top it off, not only are they suing the U.S. (deep pockets), but also Thailand because they didn’t warn Sri Lanka.  Tell me something – if a mugger just beat you up and robbed you, would you be liable if you didn’t yell down the street at the next victim?

I lump these morons in with James Sokolove, professional ambulance chaser – you’ve seen his TV commercials, trying to solicit business and get his 33% take for asbestos victims, Vioxx victims, or whatever other hot button has some dollars signs next to it.  They’re claim of “justice” is ill sounded when, in fact, money is the prime mover in Sokolove’s little love triangle.  Who is responsible for your life?  Ask Sokolove, and it’s anyone with deeper pockets than you.

Wired News | Victims Sue Thailand, U.S., Accor Over Tsunami

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