Wednesday, May 02, 2007 Teen punished over violent video game

Get your kids out of public schools NOW.  I mean it - this is the type of racist stereotyping that passes for responsible school administration these days.  Your kids are being brainwashed into thinking about the moment, not contemplating long term consequences to their actions.

The administrators who executed this knee-jerk blasphemy should be taken out and re-educated themselves. 

And the parents of Jordan Schlafer should inform their dear young daughter that, somewhere in the records of City Hall, available for anyone to ask for, see, and copy, are the blueprints of her precious little school, part of the public record.  Also inform your little genius that anyone can see a detailed overhead view of her school on Google Maps or Live Maps.  Anyone can even see it in 3D view from any cardinal point, and draw it to scale on their own.  Then, if she's not scared enough, tell her anyone can do the same thing for her house.

Then tell her to stop being a scared little sheep and teach her think.

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Anonymous said...

uumm how about you stop and think for a second about how news reporters can take all the words you say and rearrange them in any order...
maybe if you thought about that then you would realize that shes not stupid and that everyone wants their 15 seconds of fame. just like you got here.