Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All Things Conservative: GOP Debate Play-By-Play

Comments from another blog on the GOP presidential debate.  Predictably, the blogger thought Ron Paul sounded like a Democrat - ask a Democrat, and Ron Paul will sound like a Republican.  That's because Democrats and Republicans sound alike, and when they hear something different, they can only blame the other side of their single coin...

One comment I have on this blog:

Tom Tancredo made one of the most memorable, and true, statements of the night when talking about the war on terror.  He said that our enemies will attack us even if we leave the Middle East or stop supporting Israel because it's a "dictate of their religion";  very true, too bad more politicians don't have the sand to admit it.

Is Tom Tancredo a theologist?  How does he know so much about Islam that has eluded everyone else?  I think he's like every Republican since Lincoln - a consummate politician who doesn't care a whit about anything other than being in power, and will therefore say whatever the sheeple will like so he can get there.

The rest of the blog (go ahead and read it) is typical right-wing republican tripe.  If I hear Republicans talk about how much Democrats spend when Bush Sr. and Jr. were the worst fucking spending presidents in history, I'll puke.

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