Friday, June 22, 2007

Preaching the Religion of Green via Newsweek

You know, I always had an impression of Newsweek as being slightly less "newsy" than U.S. News and World Report, but better than "Time" at being non-knee jerky.  Apparently I was wrong, and apparently Karen Breslau, a Newsweek reporter, doesn't know how to conduct an unbiased interview.  Her second question turned me off, and I stopped reading the article.

Q&A: SF Mayor's Battle Against Water Bottles - Newsweek: Project Green -

Of course, California is nucking futs, and San Francisco is leading the charge, but it's just too much to see Newsweek coddling to the Religion of Green.

UPDATE: Read the comments about this story on Fark - I love one close to the bottom:

I remember when the plastic bags were the eco choice. Use plastic save a tree! Now its F%ck those carbon whore trees, no blood for petroleum based plastics!

Which is 99.9% of reason why Green isn't a science, it's a religion, no more or less intrusive or overbearing or intolerant or militaristic than Christianity or Islam or Judaism. tags: , , ,

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