Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pennsylvania takes on online auctions

Next time someone asks me why I don't like state licensing of businesses and trades, I'll point to this story.

The hero, one Mary Jo Pletz, was investigated by PA state officials for running an eBay store without a PA state auctioneers license.  The situation was summed up brilliantly by Barry Fallon, who was similarly investigated by PA's bureaucrats:

It's like the buggy-whip manufacturer's deciding whether these newfangled automobile manufacturers can do it without a buggy-whip license.

It's wrong, plain and simple - in this age of easy, instant, and world-wide communications and commerce, PA foisting their licensing scheme on a global business makes no sense.

Remember, you voted for these people - call them and tell them what you think.

Pennsylvania takes on online auctions | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/30/2008

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