Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Anger Over AIG Depletes Obama's Capital - CBS News

This has got me a little bent – populist “mobs” of people are in arms about this, and even Congressional leaders are asking tough questions.

Let’s do the math people – according to the article, AIG has recieved 170 billion (that $175,000,000,000) in government bailout money.

They then paid 165 million (that’s $165,000,000) in bonuses to top performers.

That represents 0.1 percent (or one dollar for every thousand) of government bailout money.  One tenth of one percent is what we’re up in arms about.

It just goes to show how much math education in this country needs to improve.

As for the Representatives and Senators asking where Treasury Secretrary Tim Geithner was when this was happening, I have one thing to say:  I fervently hope he was overseeing the distribution of the other 99.9% of the money, because I’m fairly certain none our legislators were.

Anger Over AIG Depletes Obama's Capital - CBS News

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