Friday, July 13, 2007

Man Freed After Flag Desecration

Wow.  Just... wow.

There's a law in Florida, updated as late as 1970, the makes flag desecration a crime, and someone was actually arrested and kept in jail for a few days because of it.  It took the DA to say, "We're not pressing charges, let him go," to effect his release.  I guess no one in Florida since 1919 (when the law was written) has read the Constitution or understood the Freedom of Speech clause in the First Amendment.

One quote in this story got me:

Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said the arresting officer was not aware of the Supreme Court's decision.

So, a law enforcement officer was not aware of a decision that affects the laws he's supposed to enforce?  I could see that might be the case if this was some weird city or state code violation that was affected by an apparently unrelated Supreme Court ruling, but flag desecration has been a hot issue in this country since the 1989 SCOTA ruling - I cannot believe this officer didn't know about it.

Ironic though, isn't it - I find the folks who don't want you to wipe your ass with an American flag are those folks who support Bush & Co. wiping their asses on the Constitution?  Then again, on second thought, that's not ironic, that's simple logic...

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